Smart Homes and Aging In Place

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Hi! I just listened to a great webinar discussing Smart Home technology for our senior citizens (can apply to people with handicaps as well) and how their families can take advantage of it too.  Statistics show that 89% of seniors wish to stay in their own homes and live with their own rules. Unfortunately, there is an increase in seniors (baby boomers) and decrease in care givers. Their care will vary so to help our friends and family stay in their current homes sometimes it is imperative that there are some safe-guards be put in place. Well, technology has taken great strides in providing them to us.

Here are just a few apps that can help make life easier!

Ring - when the door bell rings you will be able to see and talk with the person at the door without having to get up to answer.  All done on you I-Pad or smart phone

Nest -  can adjust temperature and can purchase one with cameras

August - can automatically lock your doors and unlock them via the app

Google Home (voice control assistant) - works best with the nest system

Nest - Protect - smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Rather than having the battery die and 2am in the morning it gives you about a week's notice that is time for the battery to be changed

Nest Secure - alarm system with a camera so if you are home alone in bed hear a strange noise you can look at the app and the camera will show if there is anything to worry about

Smart-appliances - voice control, turns off when on too long, set timers, control when away, alerts, recommendations from device

Wearable and Life Tech - Buddy bracelet (pulse rate)

Pillo: Your Personal Home Health Robot - dispenses pills throughout the day. If they are not taken it will alert family members

Another pill dispenser is from - The only pill dispensers with their own, built-in cellular connections! No need for phone line or internet!

Eatwell Pet Feeder - Can load food for 5 days

These are suggestions of apps to use to help ease the minds of the elderly or infirmed and their families.  

Before using any of these please read up on them first.  If they have been around for a while they have a better track record than those that may be brand new to the market.